glauconite radiometric dating - Updating client info at bellsouth e mail

We suggest that you take action as soon as possible.Remember, you must update your email settings by Dec.

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You'll have the choice to either update your settings automatically with the AT&T Email Updater or update them manually.

If needed, additional support is available at » ··· esupport.

First machine I used the ATT tool (with crossed fingers) and promptly broke my machine.

I tinkered around awhile trying to repair o E and trying different things, Dumped a lot of old unread emails trying to make some room.

Worked off line again and moved all emails in inbox to another folder. Looks like to me since the mail server names were changed OE saw all emails as "new".

Whehter its the old Yahoo servers just renamed or new servers with the data moved to them, all new to the email client. I am using "" to log in for web mail.

This is from AT&T, I called when I got the same message, but I never use outlook anymore.

If you are not using the port 995/465 for SSL mail then on Dec 11th you will not be able to use outlook. If you are questioning it, goto their website - its in the letter - can click on the link in it, or it give you the option to manually change it.

President Trump slammed his predecessor on Sunday for not crossing his stated "red line" with Syria, amid reports of a suspected chemical attack that left at least 40 dead near the capital, while also warning Russia and Iran there will be a "big price to pay" for backing the regime.

......"Dear AT&T Internet Service Member, Our records indicate that you are not using the most current secure settings in your email client software.

Thank you for choosing AT&T for your Internet needs.

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