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This is really a Win/Win for Users and IT Pros as for a user this is a big time saver as they no longer need to waste time setting up their drives, printers and other personal settings when they have to use another computers.

Below is the view of a users roaming profile configured to \\server04.contoso.local\users$\%username%\profile .

If you are a Windows XP user this will translate to \\server04.contoso.local\users$\sam\profile and if you are a Windows Vista/7 users this will translate to \\server04.contoso.local\users$\sam\profile.v2 and if you are a Windows 8.1 with the “ registrey key enabled it will be \\server04.contoso.local\users$\sam\profile.v3 Explanation: I have added “\profile” onto the end of what would normally be the profile path so that when the profile is created it is placed at the same level as all the other redirected folders. Reference: you setup the optional Profiles$ share for Windows XP then you will need to make sure the share you use is profiles$ (not users$) and there is no need for the additional \Profiles folder to be specified.

Read Me First: If you are using Folder Redirection with Windows 7 in your organisation then I would definitely recommend that you check my other blog post about a pretty nasty Folder redirection bug and how to fix it at Disappearing Folder Redirection Issues with Windows 7Update: I have new blog post that describes the new “Primary Computer” feature in Windows 8 for folder redirection at How to configure a “Primary Computer” (a.k.a.

ms DS-Primary Computer property) in Windows 8 I also talk about this feature in a Tech Net Edge video at Edge Show 55 Roaming Profiles and Folder redirection is what allows a user to logon onto any computer in an organisations and have all their personal files and setting apply to that computer as it was the last time they used a computer.

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However as Windows Vista and Windows 7 now uploads the profile asynchronously loading the profile via a higher latency lower bandwidth link is not so noticeable unless the users has never logged on to that computer before.

Amazingly I am not going to recommend the per computer Group Policy method as there is no way you can get around not having a roaming profile if you logon as an administrator.

(Note that you should have Windows Server 2003 SP1 or later installed on your domain controllers.) But before you can use Group Policy to configure wireless networks, you may need to extend the AD DS schema.

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