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Each page returns only 15 result, and it might happens that "company xx" appears also in page for Skill Work ex. What I would try to do is to extract data from all Work Skill page (from 1 to 12) and create a single Array without repetitions like: } elseif ((! are very closely related functions: the former returns an array of all the keys in an array, and the latter returns an array of all the values in an array.

updating a table once using array key and values php-18

The reason I need to work like this it that may happens that data extracted from Json array contains the same ex. in_array($emp Salary, $all Jobs))) }; Well I was unable to solve my problem with associative array, so (this might be useful for someone else, I've made a check later in code, just before inserting data into database.

Employer twice, so I would like to create the final array without repetitions. So when I find all the VARS already exists as values stored in DB, the code jumps to next part, avoiding adding again the same values.

In any case, your solution works perfectly, and I appreciate your time helping me out.

You can do this with PDOFirst instantiate the $pdo object, read the manual for how to do that here: $sql = 'select Customer ID, Name, State, Zip from customer where Customer ID = :id';$sth = $pdo-fetch All(PDO:: FETCH_GROUP); The trick here is the PDO:: FETCH_GROUP Your array will have the value of the first column as array key and the rest of columns are value of that array.

By the way, you don't have to select just one customer, this was just an example.

You can just as easily select all customers or customers whose State = 'NY', in which case you get array where array keys are customer ID and values are arrays with the rest of customer data.

if the 'number' element you are showing represents the item number and you are going to need to reference the entries in the cart by their item number, use the item number as an array index, not as a separate element in the stored array.

once you do that, your code would be - $_SESSION['cart']['content'][2]['sizes'] = 2; I haven't seen the previous thread but mac_gyver is right that you should take out number if it is just a key and use it as such.

I'm going to play around with both of the 2 new suggestions a bit later today and will post back with which one seems to work out best.

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