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The lobster is always perfect and they serve the sandwich warm on a round dinner roll—in a word, delicious.” —Michael Schlow, Doretta Taverna Mac’s Shack, Wellfleet “Mac’s sources some of the freshest seafood around.

The restaurant is in a 19th-century house that was once a nautical shop, so it has these great old bones to the place.

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Runamok Maple, meanwhile, is infusing syrups with ingredients such as makrut lime leaf and hibiscus flower—great shaken into cocktails. Albans–based Drink Maple bottles water tapped from maple trees for its hint-of-sweet, mineral-rich sports-drink alternative. Pair them with coffee milk for a sweet-salty combo.

Lynwood Café, Randolph: A cold beer knows no better companion than this South Shore–area pizza phenomenon: 10 inches of greasy goodness, served right in the pan, with blistered cheddar lacing up the edges of a buttery, pleasantly crackery crust. Mee Sum Restaurant, Fall River: It’s called a sandwich, but you’ll probably need a fork.

If you prefer to call on the phone for information, consult this list of New England Fall Foliage Report Hotlines.

Seasoned farm-stand shoppers know you have to grab those asparagus stalks the moment they’re pulled out of the dirt or risk missing the season’s peak produce.

Labadie’s Bakery, Lewiston, Maine: While its origins remain unclear—was it invented in the Pine Tree State, Pennsylvania, or elsewhere?

—Mainers have officially claimed this dessert as their own.

Aunt Carrie’s, Narragansett, Rhode Island: Chowder meets its dreamboat match on the shores of Rhode Island, where quahog-studded fritters are traditionally dunked into Styrofoam cups of red, white, or clear broth.

Hint: The almost-burnt crunchy bits are the best part of this just-out-of-the-fryer delicacy.

Ted’s Restaurant, Meriden, Connecticut: No, this isn’t the latest diet-food craze.

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