Tupperware dating cards

We both agreed that having a full time parent was essential to a child's wellbeing for people that could afford it. Premarital discussions included both our desires to have children and to have Julie as a stay at home mum until the youngest child started school.At the time I submitted this it had been a relatively poor week on LE for us non cum guzzling males, so I thought I would post two on one day. That meant we had until we started a family to build up a nest egg to keep us through the lean years.

I don't know why, as she didn't appear to have much to say. Last Friday I was so tired I was almost killed at work." Julie looked shocked at that. "Don't get hurt darling, I'll need your little sperms in a few months' time." At that point Freda came back in and spoiled the mood.

I felt a bit guilty about giving her the cold shoulder, so Thursday after dinner I headed over to Freda's house. I never knew exactly why, but I suspect it was because she may have cheated on her husband. "Sorry for kicking you out Dave but the girls will be here shortly for a Tupperware party." I bolted. "Please come home Julie, I miss you." "Another three weeks Dave, then we'll talk about it." I noticed she looked very uncomfortable when she said this, like she hated saying no.

We'll need that money Dave." I just looked at the flowers and chocolates, still lying where she'd casually tossed them, and left. Both times she seemed very upset that I hadn't rung her.

I explained that working full time, cooking for myself and going to the gym didn't leave much time. My weekly visit was on the Tuesday night the following week. I didn't make the same mistake as last time and sit on the couch. She looked a little uncomfortable as she explained that I really should have rung.

Freda was dressed up and stood very close as she spoke. If I had, then I would have known they were going out.

I felt more than a little humiliated, as I was bundled out.

The afternoon shift supervisor had already made plans after I'd promised to relieve him again. Consequently, I was standing in the wrong spot at 10PM Friday, when a 35T loader came round the corner and almost cleaned me up. When I arrived at home after 11.30PM, the message light on the phone was blinking. After some small talk she asked, "Was there something you wanted Dave? "No, I just dropped in to ask my wife out on a date tomorrow night." "I'm sorry, Freda and I already have something planned. You work Friday nights" "Not any more I don't Julie, I chucked that in." "But what about the money?

I threw my self aside at the last moment and felt the hot breath of the exhaust in my face from my position on the ground. It was Julie saying she missed me and thanking me for giving her some space by not ringing her. " "Well, I've decided to prioritise my marital and physical health.

That's just what I have thought of in the last two minutes so please can you stay so we can discuss it further?

" "I'm sorry Dave, I promised Freda that I would go out with her tonight." With that she got up, picked up her bags and walked towards the door.

We'd both lived life to the full until we met and so were basically broke.

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