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She had chemotherapy to try to shrink the cancer and then an operation.

The man Letitia had been dating for two months was supportive.

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“Then one day he admitted he was finding the whole thing hard and not long afterwards he didn’t reply to my texts,” Letitia says.

“I didn’t feel bitter because I could understand it but I did feel sad. They said that normally they’d have to remove scar tissue at the very least.

The problem is with symptoms being fairly typical women often don’t pick it up.

“One survey found a third of women haven’t even heard of ovarian cancer while 90 per cent were unaware of its symptoms.” To help raise awareness of the disease that 7,000 women are diagnosed with every year Ovacome has launched the BEAT campaign, an acronym of the disease’s main symptoms.

B is for bloating that does not come and go but feels more persistent and severe. A is for abdominal pain and T is for telling your GP.

“If a woman regularly experiences any of the three BEAT signs and it is not typical for her, she should see her GP,” says Louise.

“I was on the way back from a skiing holiday last year when I struck up a conversation with a man who’d been on holiday with his son,” she says.

“In a random act of confidence I gave him my number. So I wasn’t surprised when I started to feel giddy and queasy and couldn’t really eat much.

Shortly afterwards she was given a year to live with stage four ovarian cancer that had spread to her lungs.” To assist diagnosis Ovacome has helped create a web-based ovarian cancer checker.

Now on the NHS Choices website it enables women to track their symptoms daily which in turn helps doctors to identify women who need specialist assessment. “Cancer has taught me gratitude in the simple things: a lovely view or a good laugh.

The 45-year-old primary school teacher had just started dating again after eight years of being single.

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