Travis garland dating aubrey

because while Garland and O'Day have a lot of similar musical history to share, they don't really seem like they're focusing on marriage just yet. The love connection between Aubrey O'Day and Travis Garland is no more!

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Saturday was a milestone birthday for us and we spent the entire evening in our pajamas at the El Rey with our closest friends and family!!

We are simply honored and blessed to have so many ah-mazing people in our lives!

Like his girlfriend, Aubrey O'Day of Making the Band , Garland has been on reality TV before (American Idol), so this may not be the first time he's introduced to those of us who love watching vaguely famous people yell at their significant others and hopefully, ultimately work through their problems (Marriage Boot Camp does kinda work, if you look at how many couples are still together after appearing on it).

O'Day and Garland have decided to take their relationship to that level.

And now reality TV has brought them together again!

Aubrey announced their coupledom by sharing a cuddly instagram pic (click the link to see it! However, she and Pauly confirmed to TMZ that they’re a hot item now. “It’s very new — they’re both having fun.”During her stint on Celebrity Apprentice, the Dumb Blonde singer revealed herself to be much smarter than she acts – and surprisingly calculating – Aubrey almost made it to the finals.

Aubrey and Pauly have been filming “Famously Single“ – you know that new reality show Brandi Glanville is also on – apparently fell in love during filming and decided to be famously coupled!


Well, guess what, he's serving up more of the same with his new music video do?

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