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Angie's Humiliation By: Michael Alexander [email protected] cool night breeze blew gently, ruffling Angie's long dark hair as she walked across the sun baked parking lot. Her pierced navel had already been exposed and she kept her eyes downcast as the halter top cleared the swell of her breasts, baring the large nipples. Jason looked even more confused but he stood riveted. Angie squirmed as her chest moved out over the hotplate and Kathy pushed down hard upon her back. "Angie loves them a lot." The outside lights of the house burned brightly as the three of them walked around and opened the fence gate. She put the banana to her mouth and wrapped her lips around it, sucking on the end.

Despite the sinking of the flaming sun a few hours before, the sticky asphalt still radiated the extreme heat it had collected throughout the day. She left the top bunched around her neck, dropping her hands back down to her sides. Angie saw his hand reach down to his pants and straighten his thickening cock through the cloth. Suddenly Angie gasped as her nipples made contact with the warm metal. Get to it." Angie pulled the bunched up halter top from around her neck and dropped it onto the counter. Kat and Jason chatted and joked, laughing every so often at some story or comment. It was getting harder too put one foot in front of the other. When she pulled it out Jason saw that it was still whole. She placed the wet tip against Angie's dark opening and slowly pushed it in. " He answered, unsure of himself and the two girls. "You said chocolate so here we go." She reached over to the tray and picked up a small bowl of chocolate ice cream. " Kat laughed and placed a finger on the can nozzle.

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Kat turned and looked at her, a frown upon her face. Kat was still holding Angie's hand as Jason approached the counter, looking over it. Jason leaned forward, trying for the moment to forget Kathy's hand and its playful stroking between his legs.

Angie's eyes were overflowing with tears and she looked at Kat, begging silently. Angie's face fell with acceptance and she took hold of her halter top with both hands and raised it upward. Kat took hold of Angie purse, pulling it from Angie's shoulder. They jingled and rang as she put purse down on the counter behind her. "A severe spanking." Kat pushed her forward until her thighs hit the counter that held the warming plate. "You can help." Jason's eyes popped open even wider. Angie breasts dangled and her cheeks felt the wash of heat. Pull her forward." Kathy said, pushing Angie forward and down. "Cause Angie and I just love them." Her eyes turned toward the half naked girl who was busily mopping the dining area. Bar hopping, man chasing, getting screwed, whatever you want to call it." Kat said disgustedly. Kat removed the entire peel and dumped it next to the vibroballs.

Kathy smiled and waved at her, putting down the mop she was swinging. A metal counter stood between the grills and food preparation area and the cashier stations where she now stood. "I want you to meet my best friend, Angie." Angie saw a face appear from a back storage room. Kat reached out and cupped one breast, feeling a wave of heat. He swallowed hungrily as Kathy began stroking his shaft.

The uniformed girl stood the mop against the counter and quickly walked to the door, unlatching it and letting her friend in. "Jason's working me harder than normal but I should be done in the next ten minutes. We can talk while I finish mopping." Kat motioned Angie to follow her. Soda machines and a large warming plate stood on the counter. Jason was dressed in his maroon uniform shirt and hat and he wore a nametag that declared him a shift manager. She handed him the spoon and took the other one in her right hand.

William is a hero, and will one day be noted as such in history books.

SCW While looking at the NASA Apollo Image Atlas I noticed this long UFO in one of the craters.

The truth is..did Apollo missions 18-20 as covertly as possible.

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