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We had no idea where it would go.”From top: A tunic and espadrilles from Burch's first collection Such ambiguity isn’t typical Tory.

She may look like a teacup of a woman, fine-boned and delicate, but she is direct, relentlessly professional (her inspiration notes for her collections are often three paragraphs long and ready for editors days before the show) and, by her own admission, tough.

She’s sitting behind a desk in her hazard orange–painted Flatiron District office, corn-silk-blond hair tucked behind her ears, a gob-stopper-size gold cocktail ring on her right hand.

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recently layed out $6.8 million for a place in North Haven.

Unfortunately, the happy couple won't be able to stay there for a while, since Lyor's planning on tearing down the existing house to make room for an even bigger, more fashionable manse.

It has been six years since she launched her company, but ironically she insists that her original goals were modest—vague, even.

“By five years, I think we had planned for three stores,” Burch says of the initial outline for her business, which she cofounded with Chris Burch, her former husband.

Reva had worn Jax on long trips to Europe with Buddy, a man of leisure who built his family’s wealth on an inheritance.

(The Robinsons are tight-knit; Burch still refers to her “three brothers,” two of whom are biological, while one is the son of the family’s longtime housekeeper.)“At the end of the day, the owner [Sally Hanson] wasn’t willing to give me the Jax name,” Burch recalls.

And while she is not the sort of fashion person to wax on about, say, the psychic value of sparkles on clothes, she has her quirks: Most of Burch’s boutiques are visited by a feng shui specialist, whose influence is evident in the multiple mirrors (they apparently encourage positive energy).

In fact, she once nixed a Madison Avenue space because her guru predicted there would be a fire there.

Her mother, Reva Robinson, still lives in the family Georgian in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania; and her late father, Buddy, was rarely without an Hermès monogrammed pocket square.

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