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If you use SEO to attract customers from search, coverage on an authoritative blog or newspaper website will have link building value far beyond its short-term potential impact on revenue.

Platforms like Hacker News and Reddit are ideal for attracting the attention of journalists in the technology industry, but they aren’t suitable for every type of business.

Sales and marketing journalists find interesting ad campaigns, case studies and blog posts by looking at communities like to see what people are already sharing.

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This method doesn’t have a perfect success rate, but it can get your content published, tweeted or shared.

Great content paired with outreach with 10 or more journalists will usually earn your business at least some media attention.

Go straight to the source and submit your content to any of the communities above and you’ll achieve two things at once: Submitting to websites like Reddit is simple.

Once you’ve discovered the right place to promote your content, the challenge becomes creating content that your target audience responds to in the right way.

While it’s still possible to get coverage by sending out press releases, you’re far less likely to be noticed than by going straight to the source. It needs to be the most interesting, remarkable story of the day to even get a journalist’s attention.

Even if your press release stands out, there is no guarantee it will turn into a blog post or an article.

Another effective method is to simply mention a journalist or blogger’s name in your blog post or article.

Since many bloggers use Google Alerts to track mentions of their name, there’s a great chance they will see your content as soon as it’s published.

Whether you have a case study to share, an opinion piece to spread or a new product you’d like to promote, read on to learn how you can get your content in front of media influencers and earn huge amounts of exposure you’d normally have to pay for. The internet means that journalists no longer need to spend hours reading press releases to find stories that could be “hot” - instead, they can find stories that are already hot online.

The key to getting your content in front of journalists is understanding where they source their stories.

Leading press release distribution services send out thousands of new releases a day, the vast majority of which are quickly glanced at by journalists before being discarded.

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