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According to an article at ZNet, the CIA has encouraged the Heroin Trade: "In one of the CIA's more foul operations, its agents used its Air America airline to fly out Golden Triangle heroin. Thai politicians who then peddled it to GIs in South Vietnam and a booming population of addicts in America." AIDS is now the main cause of death in Thailand.

In Thailand's villages they are not dying so much of heart attacks as of AIDS.

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The 'Red Shirts', supporters of Thaksin, were temporarily defeated.

Thaksin was prime minister of Thailand until ousted in an army coup in 2006.

The prime minister in recent times has been Thaksin's sister, Yingluck Shinawatra.

Thaksin currently lives in a luxury villa in Dubai.

48 year old tourist Peter A was found dead in his hotel room in Soi Pattayaland 3, in Pattaya.

The deceased's room had been ransacked and there was blood all over the bathroom, according to the Pattaya Mail.43 year old Oleg C was found dead in his Pattaya hotel room. A tourist in his 50's was found dead in a locked room..."Within a two month period, there have been 7 foreigner deaths (in Pattaya)" reported the Pattaya Mail in a recent edition.Thaksin is opposed by much of the Thai military, by 'old money and by the traditionalist, nationalist 'yellow shirts'. In Bangkok and in Pattaya in Thailand, 'Al Qaeda' operatives often meet with their CIA and MI6 'liaisons'.(Reported CIA and MI6 links to al Qaeda.) Bangkok was the site of one of the CIA’s secret rendition prisons. The "Mai Travel" hotel in Pattaya, in Thailand, accommodates almost exclusively Israeli sex tourists.(What do Israeli sex tourists in Thailand really think? ) Has the CIA turned against the 'establishment' in Thailand, partly because the Thai government is seen as being too friendly with China, and not sufficiently 'globalist'?

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