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I'm always reading here that he is gay as if it is a fact, but where's the evidence?

All I see is a list of relationships with women going back many years.

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During the TV Critics Assn or some such conference, where they discuss upcoming seasons, the producers of Dawson's Creek were asked what they thought about their alum, Katie Holmes marrying Tom.

One of them responded something like, we always thought Tom would end up with someone from Dawson's we just thought it would be James Van der Beek.

Someone online described his attempt at convincing people that he loved Katie(during the infamous couch jumping episode of Oprah) as being like someone reacting to winning the lottery, rather than being madly in love. There were issues related to AS that caused some turmoil in the relationship (but were actually the same issues people without it have, it's just certain issues are more prominent with them, I think..obliviousness to their behavior and communication issues).

I don't get the After-School special, they're incapable of romantic relationships/having friends thing.

But pretty much every other gay person, whether effeminate, masculine, straight acting, closeted, etc., the entire spectrum eventually has something that reads as being gay.

Cruise just reads as weird and totally phony to me(although a rather pleasant and cheerful phony), rather than noticeably gay.And don't kill me for this, but his actual mannerisms don't really register as 'gay' with me.Don't get me wrong, I think that he probably still is.The biggest evidence is his relationship with Katie Holmes. All I know is that his voice was high pitched in Endless Love, which I think was his first movie. Perhaps someone else can give me examples of what they think seems gay about him. Even in 1991, Tom was one of the biggest stars in the world.It is so profoundly fake and everyone thought so even before the Cruise is gay talk hit the mainstream. How could he go to a gay club without everyone at the club blabbing about it(same thing with Nicole to a lesser extent, she was his new wife after all)? I've known a male and female who have it and both were in relationships.Nothing about him is natural.[quote]Nicole went undisguised to a gay bar and picked up a date.

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