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Related: CBS Stands Behind Acceptance Of Focus On Family Spot CBS is saying no to a company offering to pay it .5 million for a spot to promote gay dating Website Man Crunch.

The network said it has declined the 30-second spot because it did not meet the network's Standards and Practices rules.

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The ad is to feature Tim Tebow – the Heisman award-winning QB renowned, among other things, for his habit of quoting Hebrews with his eye-black.

In it, Tim and his mother recount, allegedly without visible embarrassment, the saga of Tim’s conception, career as a fetus, and birth.

The company would appear to be one of many making a marketing play with the news of its rejection.

The spot on You Tube has already gained 9,000 views.

"After reviewing the ad, which is entirely commercial in nature, our standards and practices department decided not to accept this particular spot," said CBS spokeswoman Shannon Jacobs.

"We are always open to working with a client on alternative submissions." One executive close to the network said CBS's sales department also had issues with Man Crunch's credit worthiness.EA just announced that it will use the line "Hell Awaits" instead.The game is based on the epic Dante Alighieri poem written in the early 1300s which describes a journey through the nine circles of hell. The EA ban suggests that CBS is anti-gay and pro-Christian, as long as you don't get too deeply into the history of Christian literature.Last week, the network banned an ad for gay dating site but allowed an anti-abortion Christian ads featuring college football player Tim Tebow.Today, CBS* banned Electronic Arts (ERTS) from using the tagline "Go to Hell" in its Super Bowl ad for the game Dante's Inferno.Indeed, some gay sites are questioning the motives or bona fides of the company.

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