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These subdivisions are now called "Shattuck fossil zones" and when you can identify the fossils that are present in an outcrop, it is not too difficult to determine which rock unit you are looking at.

In addition to using basic field skills, such as recognizing the dip of the rock layers, the fossil zones can be used to correlate, or equate, one outcrop to another.

The southernmost and highest plateau of the Ozarks is the Boston Mountains.

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This summary of the stratigraphic section of Arkansas is intended to be a companion document for the Geologic Map of Arkansas (1976, 1993).

Most of these latter units are Quaternary subdivisions that have not yet been studied in detail.

Some information contained in this document is at variance with the data presented on the Geologic Map of Arkansas due to more recent observations and interpretations.

However, some observations reveal that a few strike-slip faults may be present. Peter Ordovician and the Silurian and Devonian Rocks of North-Central Arkansas: Arkansas Geological Commission Guidebook 84-1.

Gentle folds are noted but are generally of very low amplitude. Croneis, C., 1930, Geology of the Arkansas Paleozoic Area: Arkansas Geological Commission Bulletin 3. H., 1929, Upper Cretaceous Formations of Southwestern Arkansas: Arkansas Geological Commission Bulletin 1. Based on the geologic structure of the area as well as the zones of different fossils present we were able to determine the relative age relationships of the rocks at these three localities and constuct our composite column.Once we have a composite stratigraphic column we can place our fossil collections in the correct relative geologic time.Each listing relates the general geology of each unit along with auxiliary information relating to the unit’s age, distribution, original reference, and type locality. The information provided for each formation under the heading consists of a brief statement relating to the dominate lithologies and characteristics of the unit, its fossil fauna, conformity of the lower contact, and thickness on the outcrop. L., 1979, Mississippian-Pennsylvanian Shelf-to-Basin Transition Ozark and Ouachita Regions, Oklahoma and Arkansas: Oklahoma Geological Survey Guidebook 19. J., 1953, The Jacksonian Stage in Southeastern Arkansas: Arkansas Geological Commission Bulletin 19. G., 1938, Lexicon of Geologic Names of the United States: U. It offers a brief description of each of the units depicted on the state geologic map.

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