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According to his mother, he is most relaxed when he's onstage.

Jenkins is unapologetic about the delays, saying he was winnowing the song list -- from 25 to 14 -- and rewriting lyrics. In 1997, after more than a decade of struggling -- living in the Lower Haight, sleeping on floors and subsisting off Top Ramen and the generosity of friends -- Jenkins hit it big with "Semi-Charmed Life." The album has sold nearly 6 million copies and spawned such hits as the eponymous title track, as well as "Jumper" and "How's It Going to Be." The band is one of the biggest to come out of San Francisco in years. It was a hard time for me to have a pure moment, to be present, to be here." Here is a back table in the Butler and the Chef, a favorite hangout of the band, which consists of Jenkins (vocals, guitar), Arion Salazar (bass, guitar and vocals), Tony Fredianelli (guitar, vocals) and Brad Hargreaves (drums, percussion).

A lover of language (he was a literature major in college), Jenkins anguished over words and metaphors, rhythm and rhyme. "I thought maybe we would sell 300,000 copies, that we would have a Camper Van Beethoven existence," Jenkins says of the first album. A lawsuit by a former guitarist, Kevin Cadogan, is finally behind Jenkins.

"I've seen the ups and downs of a rock band." To celebrate the completion of the album, Chatel delivers glasses of wine.

Jenkins, with dark, tousled hair and green eyes, has a quick wit and the kind of rare charisma that commands a room.

At around the same time, he flunked first grade because he couldn't read.

Jenkins, who suffered from dyslexia before the condition was well-known or understood, was held back a grade.

I've had a lot of sexual experience in my life, I'm not going to have someone see me as a kid."And then he stormed off!

That lass was really rude to Jonathan, calling a guy your on a date with a kid, say you can’t imagine him having sex.

Halfway through the leisurely afternoon meal, the cafe's genial owner, Pierre Chatel, ventures over to ask Jenkins about the progress of the album.

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