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You probably also know that those big expat packages aren’t so common anymore in 2016.

After having built the foundation of their businesses, the first wave of executives left.

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International schools emerged out of the specific necessity to accommodate the children of these executives and other foreigner workers.

The schools provided Western educations and ensured that when the family eventually moved back to their home country, the children could continue where they left off.

The most well known example of a Chinese private school in Shanghai is YK Pao School, founded in honor of, and named after, the famous Hong Kong shipping tycoon and philanthropist.

But several newer schools are also opening -- it is becoming increasingly common for Chinese companies to form joint ventures with brand-name private schools in the West.

In additional to the first “international schools”, two new types of systems have sprung up and are growing.

These newer systems follow different regulations and serve different populations and needs.

Although there are a few exceptions to this rule, it is rare for a Chinese mainland passport holder to attend an international school.

As such, their curriculum is not supervised by the Ministry of Education.

And if you’ve just arrived with your family, or if you’re planning to start a family here, where should you send your children?

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