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We'd have preferred the more useful "OK" to a "back" button so we wouldn't have to reach for that tiny close box in the upper right hand corner in non-Touch FLO apps.Also, the back button often does nothing since it's not a standard part of the OS.

Touch FLO 3D covers only the following tasks/applications: home screen (with the usual Touch FLO large clock, list of appointments, call history, date, time and carrier), speed dial (visual with photo caller ID pictures you can flip through rather than a list), SMS text messages (threaded thanks to Windows Mobile 6.1), email, locally stored music playback/Sprint Music store, camera and photo viewer (all in the same pane), Sprint TV, Opera web browser with a list of bookmarks and a youtube player link, weather (for 6 cities), a selection of core settings and an icon-based application launcher.

For these tasks, excluding HTC's weather and custom home screen which are only found on HTC's touch line, Touch FLO 3D is an improvement over vanilla Windows Mobile Professional.

That said 1) existing hacks to enable screen rotation in most contexts will probably work 2) it is enabled in more applications than in the GSM version.

Landscape mode is available (by turning the device sideways) in Opera, Sprint TV, the Touch FLO image viewer, HTC Streaming Media and Sprint Navigation.

but the data plan works fine and I can use the internet on it all the time. Check your data connection settins and ensure the device date and time are correct.

When we looked at the GSM HTC Touch Diamond that was released overseas in June 2008, we liked what we saw, with a few caveats.

The sides are likewise uncluttered: just volume up and down buttons on the left side.

The power button is on the top edge and the HTC Ext USB port that handles charging, syncing and the included wired stereo headset, is on the bottom.

the 192 megs in the GSM version with a portion aside for Opera) that improves response or simply HTC's software engineering? Touch works better than on the original import Diamond, which could sometimes be fiddly, especially when scrolling through long lists (scrolling would go too fast and it was too easy to accidentally select an item when scrolling with a finger).

The Sprint version is much better, achieving a near-i Phone experience in terms of controllable and enjoyable scrolling behavior.

We're not thrilled by this, since a "normal" Windows Mobile Pro phone works in both orientations.

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