Speed dating san luis obispo county

He will be doing his thing, which will be optional for participants. You can either listen to him and do what he suggests, or just go about it the way you want. Also, although there is no DJ, there will be some background music, so if people want to dance they can.

Express check-in is available for pre-registered singles.

Appetizers will be provided throughout the event, with a break for free pizza/finger sandwiches/salads and prizes.

Anyway, this guy has a lot of experience with speed dating, and has a different perspective.

He is going to facilitate for a while, maybe half hour, to mix things up a bit.

Hi, I just wanted to say that I went to another speed dating event Sat night, and it was fun. Anyway, I just wanted to say that speed dating was fun, and I think you'll enjoy doing it.

It was nice because it's a chance to meet people you might otherwise not give the time of day to. I encourage you to go for it and do the whole monty. The one I went to was in Paso and had about 18 people, which was fine.The evening should wrap up around , with some music set for those that wish to hang out for a while. You can find out more about our group at the event.Remember that most speed dating events charge to attend, and we are keeping this affordable for you.Beer, wine, water, and soda will be available all through the event.Door prizes include dinners, herbs, aqua massage, oil change, tire rotation and balance, tanning sprayer, and many more prizes.This June, San Luis Obispo will see a giant speed dating event. Last year participants had a 94% success rate in matches!

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