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Additional information about networking can be found on the AAMC Careers In Medicine (Ci M) website under the Shape Your Career tab.Additional information about specialty exploration can be found in the Guide to Specialty Exploration in the AIMS Career Center project site.

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The Professional Development Advising Team (PDAT) program began in 1995 and has assisted medical students with continuity in advising, support and retention from the first year of medical school until graduation.

Becoming a physician involves integrating both the science and art of medicine with health care practice.

Students have many questions about their role and responsibilities as professional students, about the curriculum, about clinical practice, and about the current environment in which medicine is practiced.

The PDAT program offers students, faculty and staff an opportunity to work closely together, learning to integrate the complexities of both basic sciences and clinical practice.

Teams are thoughtfully constructed so that members bring a variety of perspectives and experiences to their individual group.

Team members interact with each other in a variety of team-based learning settings within the curriculum including Reflective Practice Seminars in the Human Values in Medicine (HVM) course and medical interviewing seminars in the Fundamentals of Clinical Practice (FCM) course.Sometimes physicians are not fully aware of their hospitals shadowing policies, so it’s not enough to simply ask physicians if they will allow shadowing.It’s important that you also check with the medical education or human resources department to get information about each hospital’s policy on medical student shadowing.” And to this day she is one of my closest friends.She was so happy to let some new players in and she was a 5.0 player without a clue who we were.The list is located on the AIMS Career Center project site.

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