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It's a popular tourist stop so book ahead to avoid the queues.4.Experience flying an A380Aviation is a significant industry in Dubai with the headquarters of its national carrier Emirates a major local employer.You swear there are no stars but in the absence of artificial illumination suddenly a tapestry of little sparkling pinpricks appears.2.

Numerous daily tours to a nature reserve 30 minutes from the city give visitors a desert sampler, including a falconry display, a belly dancing show, and speed dating with a camel.

Fleets of Toyota Landcruisers criss-cross the dunes like a procession of beetles, thrilling the tourists as they bounce over the golden mounds.

You get to pick your location and conditions – London by night, Hong Kong in the rain – and the sensation is frighteningly real.

Miraculously, I didn't crash the plane as I attempted the skillful sharp right turn through high-rise buildings to land at the old Hong Kong airport.5.

Middlesex University Dubai is hosting an Annual Career Fair for Third year Media students who will gain an opportunity to meet with Media professionals close up at the “speed dating” event.

This event is for third year students studying Advertising, PR and Media; BA Journalism and Media and BA Film at Middlesex University Dubai.It's a diverting place to stop for a day or two, and Emirates offers 24-hour packages that allow passengers to check into a hotel as soon as they arrive – a boon for Kiwi travellers given EK449 from Auckland arrives at 5.30am.One warning: the Kiwi stopover service is new and the Emirates call centre denied all knowledge of it when I tried later to make a personal travel booking.READ MORE:* Dubai's Burj Khalifa builder plans even taller tower* New Emirates Dubai-Auckland service a boon for Kiwis* Dubai pushes the pedal to the metal on driverless cars Dubai is a manufactured construct, but it is also an accessible and attractive city that, apart from the absence of rowdy bars and the advisability of dressing semi-respectably, is perfectly welcoming to Western visitors. There are no casinos or touts handing out girlie cards, but there are dancing fountains and streets lined with fairy light-encrusted palm trees. Its so-called towering monuments – such as the narrow office building designed with more than a nod to Big Ben, the tower on a lean, another which looks like a giant piece of orange peel – are architectural curiosities, not tacky replicas.With a population of 2.4 million, Dubai is not a great deal bigger than Auckland, and feels easy to get around.It's best to deal directly with Emirates here in New Zealand or use a travel agent.

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