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Chaplin did not attend the premiere of his first film in five years because during his previous public appearance in New York, he found himself "battling through the crowds" everywhere he went.He dreaded the thought of "being stared and pointed at as though I were a freak." A second premiere was held a week later in London, and then a third premiere - a "glamorous" event held in Hollywood (at Grauman's Chinese Theatre) where both Paulette Goddard and Chaplin were in attendance.

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Above him in the hierarchy of jobs, the foreman urges him all the time to keep up with the belt, and bullies him.

When he pauses and itches for a moment, makes a gesture, or brushes away a troublesome fly, he causes tremendous, disruptive chaos for fellow workers down the production line, and frantically rushes to catch up and restore order.

This was Chaplin's first film after his successful City Lights (1931), released nine years after the advent of 'talkies.' film.

There is no traditional, synchronized voice dialogue in the film - but voices and sounds do emanate from machines (e.g., the feeding machine), television screens (i.e., the Big Brother screen - pre-dating George Orwell's book 1984, written/published in 1949), and Chaplin's actual voice is heard singing an imaginary, nonsense song of gibberish.

He is chosen as a guinea pig to test and demonstrate the feeding device.

Naturally, the mechanized meal machine shorts out and goes haywire - making the food inedible in an unforgettable scene.

Under the superimposed credits, a clock face approaches 6 o'clock.

The foreword explains the film's theme: "'Modern Times.' A story of industry, of individual enterprise - humanity crusading in the pursuit of happiness." The film opens with an overhead shot of a flock of sheep jostling in their sheep pen, and rushing through a chute.

A "Big Brother" screen of his employer in the men's room reprimands him when he sneaks a cigarette: "Hey, quit stalling. Go on."In his office, the President is shown a new aid to productivity - a method to shorten the lunch hour break and improve worker productivity. The Billows feeding machine will eliminate the lunch hour, increase your production, and decrease your overhead.

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