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The fourth season of the American comedy-drama television series Orange Is the New Black premiered on Netflix on June 17, 2016, at am PST in multiple countries.

It consists of thirteen episodes, each between 54–60 minutes, with a 77-minute finale.

Sophia gets Caputo's attention by flooding her cell but he refuses to help her. It is a hit, but Judy asks Caputo to change Healy as her counselor, stating that he has power issues. Red tries to mediate the situation but realizes that they have to kill Lolly.

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Maria tries to stop it, but ends up leading an attack on a white inmate in defense of Blanca. He was also very big on Dominican pride and raised Maria to be proud of her heritage.

When she was still in school, she and her friend saw Yadriel running from the police outside her house.

Taystee gets switched from janitorial duties to being Caputo's assistant.

Red is both angry and jealous that Judy gets special treatment and that she is always in her garden.

Judy invites Poussey to have lunch with her, but when Poussey hears Soso lied to Judy, she abruptly leaves lunch, insulted that Soso knows nothing about her.

Soso apologizes to Poussey and promises to make an effort to know her.Alex is saved from Aydin Bayat, Kubra's enforcer, by Lolly who kicks him repeatedly until he is unconscious. Alex sneaks into the greenhouse to attempt to bury Aydin and realizes he is still breathing which causes her to smother him.In the morning as they enter the greenhouse, they see that Frieda has discovered Aydin’s body.Red attempts to stop her bunkmate's snoring but to no avail.Piper befriends her bunkmate and she becomes her bodyguard.Soso tries to talk to Judy and explain why Poussey acts weird in front of her but lies about Poussey's past in order to get Judy’s acceptance.

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