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Toby Keith, " As Good As I Once Was""I ain't as good as I once was/ I've got a few years on me now," sings amiable good ol' boy Toby Keith.

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Fats Waller, "Old Grand Dad" The greatest novelty-song singer of all time reflects on the hazards of sharing a house with a grumpy old man.

"Who's the one that I adore/ Though he beats me to the floor?

Long gone: " Elvis Costello, " Veronica""When I'm 64" is not Paul Mc Cartney's best song about old age.

Mc Cartney co-wrote the music for Elvis Costello's brilliant, touching 1989 quasi-hit about an elderly woman slipping into senility.

These relationship songs are relatable, especially if you are in the process of falling in love while you are listening to them.

Love ballads have always had a way of bringing those butterfly feelings back into your stomach.

"My voice can fly," Cruz sings, "Can overcome any hurt/ Any time/ Any loneliness." Johnny Cash, " We'll Meet Again"The Man in Black turns the World War II-era anthem into a promise of reunion in the great beyond. Get out the hankie for Cash's spoken-word verse that begins at the mark.

The Zimmers, " My Generation"Brilliant novelty-song stunt or ugly oldsploitation pop? This 2007 cover of the Who classic by an army of London pensioners certainly struck a chord, cracking the top 30 on the U.

The only sure thing we know about life is that nothing, or no one, lasts forever.

Appreciating the little things — the small gestures in your relationship — because they can go a long way to making it fulfilling.

In this 1913 wax-cylinder recording, countertenor Will Oakland spares no warble in telling the tale of a love that outlasts the graying of hair and the sagging of flesh.

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