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Read Full Review Its the same old game with a better format, but the biggest failure which says it all is the customer service or the lack of it.

Questions never answered,problems never solved, pictures never reviewed. And all the profiles having young and handsome guys in the photos are inactive. Feeling alone at the start of a new year after being very badly let down by my previous partner of 18 years (and the father of my children) I tapped out a profile for Smooch and then logged out, thinking that it was n't really the way to move on with my life.

Spoke to 2 other women after a few messages, they both said they wanted to meet then blew me out with silence refusing to answer my mail.

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Its AI just like all the rest, not enough women so they fabricate them and tell you their going to do just that very thing, read the fine print… The next day I had a message along with a photo from a man who looked very kind and who lived locally. Read Full Review I joined Smooch in August of 2012 I was working in a bar and heard some of the young staff talking about smooch and asked what it was they told me it was a dating site.

Read Full Review Written on: 22/04/2015 Not enough women? Nobody I wrote to ever answered, and I'm not the last on the attractive side, believe me, and with a University education, too. We exchanged a few messages and discovered we had much in common. But on March 18 2009 I received a lovely message from a profile of lovebug. I enquired more with a bit of reluctance in the back of my mind this is not for me getting home cup of tea in hand I opened the laptop and logged on typed in Smooch and with in a few minutes I was a member of Smooch after receiving a few messages was time for bed.

However, If you search the internet for interpretations as to what smooch dating really means, you will discover that Smooch Dating is a dating service on the internet that boast of a…

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So let’s imagine you’ve just finished having sex and you’re both exhausted, give her a kiss and a cuddle then say that you really need to be somewhere… That’s how you make a woman orgasm faster than she ever has before!

One of the longer running free dating sites, Smooch is relatively popular with regular new members.

Ok, let’s be serious for a minute, I want you to answer the following questions… Assume the normal missionary position, then take both her legs and place them over both of your shoulders.

Now place a pillow underneath her stomach and tell her to rest on it. Try and maintain the thrusting for 5 minutes, if you can do that she’ll have a squirting orgasm (that will make her cum) in no time.

It seemed like the couples involved would be kissing all through the night.

Imagine how romantic it would be spending the first day of your date kissing your partner for a long time.

You’re going to understand why sex positions are crucial for nailing the G-Spot and why you must get her relaxed before sex to guarantee sensational orgasms that will leave her body numb with pleasure. these are hard hitting, proven ways to make any girl scream with ecstasy… I got them from my pals over at , plus I’ve used them myself and they totally work. Right then, once you’ve made her feel relaxed, clothes are off and you’re humping her like a jack rabbit, remember to use these 3 cheeky G-Spot moves: Assume the normal “Doggystyle” position, then guide her head down so it’s on the bed, make sure her ass is still in the air. Thrust downwards, hard and with a steady pace so that it’s consistent.

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