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And there’s also the crystal clear reality that I’ve grown from that experience and can function alone and awesomely without a man—not to be confused with not wanting a man. But the fact remains, dating as a single mom involves protecting your child on the unknown ride.

And I’ve always made it a point to separate my mommy and dating life, which is not easy and makes me feel like I’m living two lives, but it’s what I choose to do, so despite my feelings of sadness, relief, joy …

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I always check the “Have Children” box “Yes.” There’s no point luring men in on false assumptions. However, I never post pictures of my son on my online dating profile.

I don’t care how cute we look hugging Donald Duck in Hawaii or if I appear sporty and chic in a Little League photo—my son’s photo doesn’t belong on whatever site I’m trying out.

Whether you are creating your first dating profile or updating your current one, one of the most important aspects begins with you.

The right attitude and approach can separate a good profile from a great profile.

Your profile must stand out among the competition or it will go unnoticed, which means no one will contact you.

Spend time creating the profile like you would a resume.

” Yikes, does your godson’s mom know you’re using him to show your softer, I-like-kids side on a site designed to introduce adults to one another for by all means, adult reasons?

My son is not involved in my dating life and until I know if a guy is good enough to meet my son, he doesn’t. In those six years, my son has casually met two men. I remember working on a story for a parenting magazine a few years ago and how I interviewed a psychologist about the downfall of sharing your child’s image on a dating site—that there are sick people in this world who troll sites to take advantage of fragile, lonely single moms and horrifically, their children. We have to put our guard up for so many reasons and my child is EVERY reason. I disclose I have a child by way of the check yes for kids box.

It’s all about how you dress, how you smile, lighting, and looking your best.

Here’s how you take a profile picture that makes other members want to learn more about you… Content Theme: You’re fun, funny, interesting, and intelligent. Talk about who you are and where you want to be in the future. You’re meeting someone for a future relationship, so why dwell on the past? Content No-No’s: There are certain things you should never mention in your profile.

I am kind and optimistic, very curious and sociable, romantic, responsible and attentive.

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