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Riding on the interest of popular TV Serial such as HEROES and LOST to local sitcom such as our legendary Phua Chu Kang...

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For more information, please visit Din Tai Fung is served on Eva Air’s First and Business class cabins where passengers can look forward to revelling in a distinguished culinary culture that is popular the world over.

It is an international brand name that has built a reputation based on its exquisite xiao long bao’s 18 intricate folds.

One month isn’t good enough for us; we want all the best deals all year ‘round!

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Orders are taken promptly to minimise waiting, so diners can expect the same top-of-the-class fare together with the sterling service that the restaurant is noted for.

Currently, the Group operates 22 Din Tai Fung restaurants in Singapore, with the newest restaurant opening in January 2018, located at Northpoint City.

Decked out in earthy tones and illuminated by ambient lights, a cosy space has been created which is suited for idyllic dining.

The elegant interior is also the perfect understated backdrop for the ubiquitous show kitchen, which takes centre stage.

The open concept kitchen constantly sees a flurry of action and activity.

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