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I explained that I manage a variety of pages for clients, and was always mindful about the content I posted – after all, my parents are on Facebook too.Over the years I had computers crash, stolen, lost, relied on Facebook to host all my travel and party photos.


After sending the email to Facebook, I sent an email to the friends who’s email addresses I actually had and explained what happened.

Thanks to the connect-ability of Facebook, most of my friends were only able to be contacted by me I read up on some of the articles by others who have had their accounts disabled to find out why mine was suddenly pulled – without warning I should add.

They pooped and peed all over the carpet down there.

It was very gross and he only recently cleaned that out because his son moved in.

Pretty girls are available like literally everywhere.

The boy is small, cute, attentive, understanding and a ball of sunshine overall.

Before the air got havier, Hoseok then came to the rescue.

People started to be heated and the party was saved.

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