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I know I will be better off in every conceivable way without this person in my life. Nothing good can ever happen for us because he is who he is and nothing good will ever happen for me as long as I stay married to him.

I just managed to get some money on my bank account that I’ve been waiting for and he’s already gone in and started to deplete it. Ideally I will wake up tomorrow and it will be like the last 20 years didn’t happen and I never knew him at all.

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But I do get turned on by some of the conversations I have, usually with my regulars, and I have had actual orgasms on the phone.

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First, what he did is not only despicable on a human level, but it also probably qualifies as sexual harassment, which is illegal.

If it comes to your company’s attention, they’d be obligated to act on it — and that should result in consequences for him, not you.

I hate how he ruined his credit years back but got a second chance to rebuild his credit only to ruin it again within months because he doesn’t have the capacity to think about important things.

He’d rather acquire a new gold ring than acquire a new home.

Now, obviously not every company handles this type of thing perfectly, and so there’s no guarantee that yours will.

But he’s so obviously in the wrong here — not you, — that I really hope you won’t let fear of getting in trouble for something you did outside of work prevent you from taking action and reporting his behavior.

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