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In a little while she came riding up, beautiful in her non-fussy way: blonde hair streaming, her glasses straight on her nose, the wind rippling her white blouse and the blue flower-print skirt.

With a same raspy low voice I suggested we go look for my mail. It doesn't seem like being alone is the best thing for you tonight, Darrell.

Launched by Sony in 1975, a year before its competitor, VHS, Betamax was an overcomplicated, over-expensive video format that was doomed to fail from the start. Not, as you may have been led to believe, because of the fiendishly complex currents of international marketing.

No - in the vital 'early adoption' stage, the tapes only lasted 60 minutes.

Originally a major player in the energy sector, the company was hugely successful until it diversified unwisely into e-commerce and other exotic areas.

Not only that, its executives were guilty of the most crooked accounting - forming partnerships with their own companies, insider trading and worse.

It’s called Sky Private and it’s made specifically for camming models.

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When business people get something completely wrong, it's called 'doing a Ratner' - named after Gerald Ratner's notorious speech in 1991 when he managed to devalue Ratners jewellers by £500 million in an instant In terms of notoriety and instantly quantifiable damage, the worst business decision ever was surely that made by Gerald Ratner (above), former CEO of Ratners jewellers, who gave a speech at the Institute of Directors in 1991 and managed to devalue his company by £500 million in an instant.

Joking about the cheapness of his wares, he described a £4.95 Ratners decanter as 'total c***' and said the firm's 99p earrings were 'cheaper than a prawn sandwich from Marks & Spencer, but probably wouldn't last as long'.

Well, his was a very famous and popular company, but if said his products were c***, why should anyone buy them?

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