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I had always found desperation an unattractive trait, power hungry bitches even less so.

I'd avoided having sex with her, it had been easy for the most part.

Though I knew it was her job, I detested the look of bliss on her face that hadn't been put there by me. I straightened my expression into the best 'I don't give a shit' smirk that I had.

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I was sure her version of interesting was not the same as mine.

I'd come here for only one reason and I was not amused at being delayed.

Mira eagerly stood at the entrance to the balcony of the White Room.

According to her, I needed to see something interesting.

I felt my eyes grow wide; this is why I hated surprises.

Demi was forcing himself into the body of the woman I wanted to make mine and she was loving it.

Caleb meant well and I had so much to thank him for, but I was the reason this mess included him.

I'd gotten him involved and there was no going back.

There was something I was missing, this was too simple for Mira.

Suddenly, the tangle of bodies cleared, my focus narrowed to one.

I had to play it cool but I hated pandering to anyone, especially this woman.

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