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Please note that, under the criminal law, a person can be charged as an adult when they are 18.After a judge has made a decision in a trial or hearing, if either party is not satisfied, they may be entitled to "appeal" the decision to a higher Court.Agreement by two people who are not married to each other, but are living together as a couple or will be living together.

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Types of access include reasonable access, specified access, and supervised access.

A type of access which allows the non-custodial parent (or other important person such as a grandparent) to visit with the child/ren at agreed upon times.

This is useful where it is impractical to provide or show the original document.

The final document issued by the Court at the end of a divorce proceeding.

This means there must be a legal reason to appeal (for example, the judge made a mistake when applying the law to the case).

The test that a Court uses to make decisions about custody and access.

This means asking a higher Court to review the decision.

The person seeking to appeal must have proper grounds to appeal.

Supervised access is generally ordered in situations where the Court believes it is necessary for the welfare or best interests of the child/ren.

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