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Have fun and ask if you have a questions.','silver', 300)"; onmouseout="hideddrivetip();"Genre: Gorean: Book Based Leader(s): Tai Phoon Parrot Cove is NOT an island.

Parrot Cove is a hidden cove on the mainland of Gor, somewhere north of Schendi and south of the equator.

This room is an rp home, and will have a storyline driven rp ongoing Storyline.','silver', 300)"; onmouseout="hideddrivetip();"Genre: Gorean: book based Leader(s): Segulah: ***Enter with caution. It is not uncommon for panther girls to first make contact, with a hunting arrow in the back.****','silver', 300)"; onmouseout="hideddrivetip();"Genre: Gorean: Book Based Leader(s): Jonas the Red The Inlet of Green Cliffs contains the Torvaldslander outpost village of Groennvik, fertile fields, forests, and ruins of an older village.','silver', 300)"; onmouseout="hideddrivetip();"Genre: Gorean: book based Leader(s): Admiral Lethros Bendago Welcome to the Isle of Hulneth, We are open to all levels of Rper\'s.

**Free Form Supernatural Friendly all influences** Main Room - No Sheets Required ** **Vt M in the New Orleans Sub Room - Sheets Required**','silver', 300)"; onmouseout="hideddrivetip();"Genre: Game-Based Fantasy Leader(s): Bastian Are you Driven to Survive ? Watchpoint is loosely based on the world of popular video game Fallout,with some additions. And perhaps, if we desired, dance you under the light of the tri-moons of Gor.

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