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This suggests narrow vision in the academic, aimed squarely down the nose.

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If the nest really freaks you out I guess you could pour boiling water dsown the hole to kill the wasp.

But personally, I would just leave it alone and not worry about it.

Even if he or she catches a cicada killer wasp, though, I wouldn't worry about it.

The ones commonly seen flying around on lawns are males, which don't even have stingers.

Do you know if cicada killers tend to go after dogs? Cicada killer wasps don't go after anything except cicada killer wasps of the opposite sex (and, as appropriate, dog-day cicadas).

It sounds like your dog is the one going after them.

An antivirus program is only as good as its ability to stop harmful and destructive viruses in their tracks.

Slimware Antivirus™ uses up-to-date virus definitions to constantly prevent and interrupt virus threats wherever they occur.

Cicada killer wasps prefer to dig their holes in areas of bare or disturbed earth, so covering the earth with healthy lawn or mulch likely will discourage them (next year, anyway).

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