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In a conversation on June 27, 2011, CW1 told Perino that the city was conducting a compliance audit on a previous contract and that CW1 had to provide the city with information about MBE and WBE participation, stating that he had not met his goals.

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CW1 told Perino that he listed Perdel Contracting in his bid as $225,000 WBE sub-contractor.

CW1 later told Perino that CW1 was the only bidder on the city contract.

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After Prime Contractor B paid the false bill, Perino would return some of that money, creating a paper trail that would falsely show that the returned money was for the purchase of two of CW1’s street sweepers, thereby setting up the sham purchase contract that was part of the agreement to use Perdel Contracting as a pass-through WBE for Prime Contractor B’s bid on the June 2011 contract.

The mail fraud charge alleges that on July 6 Perino sent CW1 false documents including a backdated estimate, a backdated letter of intent, a false invoice for ,648, and a false certification of work so that Prime Contractor B could use the documents to falsely inform Chicago authorities that Perdel Contracting had provided ,648 in equipment rentals to Prime Contractor B as of June 30, 2011, even though Perdel Contracting had not provided any such equipment. Cappello According to the charges, Cappello obtained certification for SGI as a WBE by falsely representing that Individual A controlled and owned SGI when she allegedly devoted only a minimal amount of time to SGI.

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The charges in two separate cases made public today stem from an ongoing public corruption investigation by federal, state, and local authorities of alleged fraud by businesses falsely purporting to be minority- or women-owned, or by legitimate non-majority businesses being used as sham pass-through sub-contractors on public works projects.

In one case, the owner of two Lockport construction companies certified as woman-owned and/or disadvantaged businesses was charged with fraudulently using her companies as sham pass-through sub-contractors as part of a scheme to help prime contractors meet the City of Chicago and other local governments’ set-aside requirements for construction contracts.

At the direction of law enforcement, CW1 met with Perino to determine whether Perino would agree to use Perdel Contracting as a pass-through WBE for CW1 and Prime Contractor B’s bid on the June 2011 contract, which was worth million the last time the city awarded a similar contract.

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