Sex dating in cooperative kentucky

Violating those restrictions could have led to a misdemeanor conviction and jail time.

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It was a complete suppression of speech.” One law prohibited sex offenders from using social networking websites or instant messaging or chat rooms that potentially could be “accessible” to children — which is to say, much of the internet. Supreme Court in June that struck down a similar North Carolina ban on social media for sex offenders, in part because so many civic institutions — from elected officials to news media — are now tied into social media.

The other law required sex offenders to keep their probation or parole officers updated on all of their email addresses and various online identities. For example, the Herald-Leader’s website would be off-limits to sex offenders under the state’s ban because it has a comments section open to the public, Van Tatenhove wrote.

Ignorance of these regulations does not excuse students from adherence to them.

Staff and University officials should endeavor to inform students of University rules, regulations, and policies, whenever the circumstance is applicable.

Attorneys for the Justice Cabinet were reviewing the decision Friday, a spokesman said.

The Fayette Commonwealth’s attorney’s office did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Students and recognized student organizations are cautioned that any material posted on the internet, including social networking sites and Internet blogs is not private or protected information.

Students may be held accountable for content posted in this manner and information obtained from this source may be considered in cases of misconduct.

This document is endorsed by the Student Government Association, Faculty Senate, Staff Congress and University Administration, and approved by the Northern Kentucky University Board of Regents. As the relationship between students and the University continues to grow, it may be necessary to modify the Code.

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