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But there they were: two trucks, drifting slowly up the road.

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He thrived wherever people were seeking answers and willing to listen to the ones he offered.

Friends, neighbors, and family remember Hale as a master manipulator, possessed of a mesmerizing charisma.

A seven-hour drive east from Anchorage, Mc Carthy lies smack in the middle of America's largest wilderness area, 13-million-acre Wrangell St. It's the kind of place where the homeschool curriculum still includes trapping and tanning, and where opinions on a subject like religion are shaped by the kind of gratitude toward a creator that one feels after recently miraculously escaping from the jaws of a grizzly bear.

At the beginning of the 20th century, the area was home to nearly a thousand people and one of the largest copper operations in the world, the Mc Carthy-Kennecott mine.

Most of the residents in attendance that night were taken with the beautiful family, their musical talents, and their reverent, godly manner.

No one seemed to notice that the kids didn't make eye contact with strangers or that they spoke only when their father asked them to."Bob could've done anything with my life if he wanted to," says Priscilla Wilbourn, who followed Hale's meditation teachings in the early seventies and clearly remains transfixed by his charm. " Given this history, it's hard to believe that Hale didn't know exactly what he was doing that first night in Mc Carthy when he paraded his children into Darish's lodge: He wanted the gathered residents to trust him, to assume that his huge family's effect on the tiny community would be benign. By the end of the evening, Darish and his neighbors had politely encouraged Hale to buy property in the area.A few months later, he did just that, returning to Mc Carthy with Country Rose and their 15 children, aged from just a few months to nearly 30, with biblical names like Jerusalem, Psalms, Lamb, and Hosanna.He said that he and his children had come to Mc Carthy looking for a new home.The potential addition of so many new residents was big news for a town of 50 that doesn't often get big news.Today it's about as far away from civilization as one can get by road in North America.

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