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on April 2 in the parking lot of Sam's Drink All on Getty Street.

On Monday, police announced they're looking for 20-year-old Jaylan Deshawn Traviss of Muskegon Heights.

Maples' body was found in January 2016 buried on property on Michillinda Road in northern Muskegon County.

“The thing about this case is that the money was taken from someone who was almost 90 years old,” Shillingford said, addressing Muir, 55.(Black) Thief Steals $418 Worth of Packages from Apartment Complex: Police Police are on the look out for a thief who they say entered and stole packages from a complex in Philadelphia.

Police on Tuesday say the suspect took mail packages valued at $418 from the lobby of the victim's apartment building, located at 1234 Hamilton Street around p.m.

According to Opa Locka Police, an officer initiated a traffic stop on a U-haul van near the 1700 block of ali baba avenue.

The vehicle stopped, but moments later police say as the officer exited his patrol car, the U-haul struck him.

on several outstanding warrants, and they're requesting open murder and robbery charges against him in Cuti's death.

Long-missing Bobbie Maples suffocated, face taped, head in bag: just-released court record MUSKEGON, MI – Bobbie Maples died of suffocation from her mouth and nose being covered with duct tape, and her head was in a tied-off plastic bag, the Roosevelt Park police chief said in a sworn statement that led to an arrest warrant charging a man with her murder.

Police say Pierre-Antoine led police on a pursuit through three cities.

Officials say he struck several parked cars along the way.

Ronald Earl Williams, the man charged with open murder in Maples' December 2014 death, "admitted to us to being the only person present during the time of her death," Chief David Boone said March 23 to Muskegon County District Magistrate Michael Van Epps.

"He's claiming that he was the one that administered drugs to her at that time," Boone said in his recorded statement.

Sticky-fingered Noel Muir had filed a last minute motion before his scheduled Feb 17 sentencing date– claiming ineffective counsel had coerced him into taking the plea deal.

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