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Also, leaving the lot it is difficult to see on coming traffic, or to even merge into traffic, I have described to you an accident waiting to happen.

Reply I just visited your store on 3458 Buena Vista Rd, Columbus, GA 31906. Another customer had walked in as the male employee was scanning my three items.

Family Dollar was founded in 1959 by a then 21-year-old Leon Levine.

Today, February 28, 2018, early afternoon, a Cola-Cola truck was parked at the entrance of the parking lot.

I thought the store was closed since there was a few cars in the lot.

Spends hours on hold to speak to HR department and no one ever answers. District managers are of no help or recourse to managers.

They schedule conference calls during truck deliveries.

Leon Levine retired in 2003 and was succeeded as CEO by his son, Howard Levine.

The company is best known for its imported goods which many families find necessary to stretch their dollar.As I was attempting to hand him the money to purchase my items he walked away from the register to help this other customer who entered the store after he scanned my items.This other customer was already been helped by another employee when he walked away from helping me while I was holding the money out for him to take.When I asked the driver to move his truck, moved the delivery ramp, but only to let me into the lot, the he lowered it again at the entrance of the lot.I informed the manager of this concern, she walked the other way, having a nonchalant attitude, nor did she ask the drivers to move the Cola-Cola truck.Not permitted to pay overtime to other assistant even though they are saving money not paying an additional full time ASM salary.

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