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Note that these applications are perfectly legitimate, however, it is important to remember that if you run remote login software you are effectively giving a complete stranger total control of your computer.A method that has been gaining popularity by tech support scammers is to spread malware with the sole purpose of locking the user out of his own computer.The type asking for a registration number, usually has a telephone number as well, but often they come with a few links that will open sites with popular remote assistance/desktop software like Team Viewer, Log Me In, Ammy Admin, Supremo, and others.

The remote technician upsells the customer who only came to activate their software but ends up forking hundreds of dollars on “Windows support”.

Fake pop ups claiming your computer is infected (reminding of Fake AV) are used by scammers to reel in innocent victims.

We call this type of malware screenlockers and the installers are detected as Trojan. They may look like a BSOD (Blue Screen Of Death) or a warning that you are using illegal software (asking for a registration key).

The malware is offered as part of a bundle or posing as an installer for something else.

Every single day, innocent people are tricked into spending hundreds of dollars on non-existent computer problems.a There is no sign of these scams slowing down despite several actions taken by the Federal Trade Commission.

Perhaps even worse, companies right here in North America are now pulling the same tricks and taking advantage of existing and prospect customers replying to online ads.If you ever get a call from a Microsoft or Windows tech support agent out of the blue, the best thing to do is simply hang up.Scammers like to use Vo IP technology so their actual number and location are hidden.If you don’t feel comfortable doing this online, brick and mortar computer repair shops are a good alternative.The ‘technician’ requests to have remote access to your computer (taking control of it) and may use one of the following programs.They like to use the default Windows tools and turn them against you, hoping you’ll get scared and follow up their directions. Getting scammed is one of the worst feelings to experience.

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