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It’s hard for people who are well versed in our public feud to believe this because there was never a time before Bryan’s death that we were able to change the public tide about each other.

We were in settlement mode from October clear through January.

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It was set up so that there would be a series of collaborative projects involving my company and Cobra Video.

It would have boost my production into overdrive, allowing me to get producer and director credit much sooner than if I were to have done it alone.

I wanted to retreat from the world and put it all behind me. We’re in the process of a redesign as we get ready to incorporate video blog entries, up and coming appearance calendars and a whole new streaming Member’s Site (which will be Mac compatible).

I had to be there to make it work and I’m proud that I had the courage to see it through. Our webmasters are moving at a snail’s pace which is starting to delay things annoyingly.

I’ve learned that, even when you feel like the world is coming at you at all angles – hold on dearly to the ones you love and stick to your principles and try your best not to lose all faith. There is always a purpose for you even if you can’t see right away. We very well could have pushed the suit to the point of trial and we would have won.

However, after a year of legal maneuvering and business delays we all just wanted to put it behind us.For those projects, everything was to be split evenly, 50/50.What’s more, I was going to be able to continue to go on shooting my work using condoms – the safe way.You shocked the industry with revelations you were only underage when you made your first movie. (Brent Corrigan) I started in the adult industry when I was 17. Why and how I got started at Cobra is a long and winding, intricate story involving a willing producer and a greedy and jealous ex boyfriend.Although it makes for an interesting and colorful past, the real story is why I stuck with the adult industry and how I’ve used it to leverage a more mainstream persona in the last few months. I’m developing my second adult company, taken part in 2 major mainstream queer films and I’ve begun to write and direct my own projects.Sued at age 19, involved in a murder investigation (for a case I now find myself as one of the star witnesses in), and mainstream actor and accomplished director by 21.

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