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18th-century French literature was a reflection of, and shaped what became, modern society's dominant notions of the social contract.

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Satire essay on online dating

Just one year before Reich's story, in fact, a 14-year-old Brooklyn girl disappeared in a Connecticut state park on a school outing, and the local search folks were bowled over by the busloads of yeshiva students from different states who dropped everything to find this girl.

To be sure, fiction is not sociology, and sometimes a negative slant can enliven a story.

Don't get me wrong: I think all these novelists are talented writers.

But I think that they would be even better if they didn't rely so much on their characters' hypocrisy to fuel their plots.

I don't pretend to know the answer to this, but I feel we should be permitted to ask the question. Suppose there is a new genre in American Jewish literature, in which Reform Jews are vilified regularly.

There is the temple's secretary who kills one of her Hadassah sisters in order to get the latest Judith Lieber bag, and a gay Reform rabbi who seduces younger male congregants.I'm not advocating any sort of litmus test for Jewish fiction.I object to these novels on purely literary grounds: I find much of the contemporary fiction dealing with Orthodox Jews to be too predictable. At the same time, we have relied for too long on people disaffected with the Orthodox world to produce an "Orthodox literature" that verges on caricature.Do authors outside the haredi world have the right to create literature about that world? "Look," their principal tells a reporter, "We went into the woods with 300 girls and came out with 299..a final exam that would give you a score of about 99.7 out of 100 -- a sure A, maybe even an A plus." Now, this is really funny, but why?Mainly because any time a girl is lost in the real Orthodox world, an efficient network mobilizes a large army of searchers with flashlights and gear.There are idealistic college coeds who want to escape Reform life, but are daunted by the prospect of learning Hebrew, so they abuse drugs instead.

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