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When I see frequent flashbacks and characters deliberately trying to act cute, it just kills me inside. I just finish watching it and its very fresh still....i cant get over it. looveee the chemistry between kang joo eun and Kim Young-Ho. congratulation for the award Song ji Sub and Shin Min-A.. ) One of the greatest korean dramas I have ever watched....... Some interesting highlights in the 1st few episodes, but went downhill after the 8th ep.

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If you are expecting for a creative, dramatic and complex story, this is probably not for you.

But this is so good to feel the love, friendship and caring and definitely fill your heart with happiness.

For those who haven't watch it, I really recommend this drama.

I though So Ji Sub have the best chemistry with Gong Hyo Jin in Master's sun.

The show didn't get good ratings in South Korea and for obvious reasons. at the start, yeah, it was interesting but as the story goes, nothing's happening..

It's got some mediocre story with not so great performances. the usual story which they make it worse by making too obvious..

However, I do realised the k drama i enjoyed are the one that portrays relationship that have parties that are mature in age and mind like a gentleman's dignity and kill me heal me. For me the reason of why "this and that" happened are too shallow. I do hope SJS and SMA will get a lot better drama next time since I love them both. its not too tormenting but you wud feel d suspense ...thanks to d director for carrying the viewers along..

There are less of the damsel in distress and self-pity and concentrates more on making the story flow (without having every single characters need to be insecure all the time). I do suggest watching it without depending too much on rating as highly rated drama does not equal for it to be superb :) SJS.... cuteness, sexiness & handsomeness all over the place... a job well done to all the actors and actresses The plot and the story was not strong but there were many good points in the story.

Now, he overcomes his problems with patience and stubbornness. The story is rather basic and simple but I extremely loved this drama because of the two main leads.

The chemistry between them is so amazing and I watched the entire drama just to see their cute and cheesy love.

Kill me Heal me was also one of them and I believe the upcoming new drama Descendant of the Sun will be great as well for someone who rarely watch k drama, i rather enjoyed this shows. I was hoping I will enjoy this drama as much as I enjoyed Oh My Ghost. The first 4 episodes were draggy, so I thought, okay maybe all I need is just to endure it a little bit.

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