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After each 5 minute round, you will receive a text message directing you to your next date.

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While celebrating their antics, sometimes with a mimosa or two, Jennifer and Lauren cheers to what they’ve learned and are still learning…one adult beverage at a time.

It’s Complicated is a guilty pleasure, as well as a roadmap for singles and couples and like an ex you just can’t quit!

Taking a guess at what people care about most, we looked specifically at the ratio of single men to single women, the age range of these singles, how many hours they typically work each week, how much education they have and whether they were previously married or not.

Note that we only analyze those at or over the age of 21.

With our list of all-star parties, the ball won’t be the only thing dropping it low this New Year’s Eve!

– The League Team Oh, the holidays: the time of year to close your laptop, sign out of your work email, and spend some quality time by the fire. We know you’re a busy professional who is probably answering pings on New Year’s Day!

Satellite view showing San Diego, a seaport in southern California United States.

The city is located along the Pacific Ocean at San Diego Bay just north of the US-Mexican border.

Instead of saying that you love Football, list your favorite team!

Make sure to list interests that are unique and specific to you– rather than saying “watching TV”, list the show you’re currently binging!

As of today, we’ve officially saved 30 cities from the terrors of Tinder.

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