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All the rules of the Church are designed to aid the soul in this endeavor. When one professes to be Catholic they implicitly accept all the doctrines and teachings that make up the deposit of Faith.It is not permitted to decided which doctrines one will accept or reject; this is not a Catholic attitude. Full access website, free downloads, leader training, and more.

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Catholicism is an extremely organized religion and so would seem to have many rules.

These rules come from the act of Faith, for the way of belief dictates the way of acting. A soul attains heaven by loving, serving and worshiping God Who is its Creator.

The obstacle for them, however, is the Church’s historic, solemn, and settled teaching on (a) the indissolubility of marriage, (b) the gravely immoral nature of non-marital sex, and (c) the need for persons to be in a state of grace in order worthily to receive Holy Communion.

A must read for divorced men and women, especially if you are Catholic, and the perfect curriculum for parish groups. Seeking an Annulment With the Help of Your Catholic Faith Using authentic Church teaching, spiritual insights, and real-life examples from her work as Director of Parish Life, author Lorene Hanley Duquin leads you through each stage of the annulment process.

With such a capacious sense of “orientation”—as something only accidentally linked to disordered sexual desire—one can easily say that it can produce good fruit: e.g., what the Catechism calls “disinterested friendship” to which same-sex attracted persons are called.

Some Catholics who firmly accept the Church’s teaching and live by it view “orientation” in this sense as the sign of a special to a sort of ministry of deep but decidedly non-sexual friendship.There has been an ‘earthquake,’ a ‘seismic shift.’ Things will never be the same.The Church now welcomes remarried people to communion, has dropped its objections to homosexual conduct, and denies that homosexual desires are ‘intrinsically disordered.’ Or it’s about to do all of that. He has brought Catholicism into line with the teachings of the Episcopal Church USA, the Unitarian Universalists, and the a document released on Monday as an interim report on discussions occurring at a Vatican synod of bishops (called an “extraordinary” synod because it is preparatory to a larger synod—an “ordinary” synod—that will occur next year) on contemporary challenges to the family.It did not propose reversing the teaching on the indissolubility of marriage, the requirement that divorced Catholics living in adulterous pseudo-marriages refrain from taking Holy Communion, the conjugal nature of marriage as a union of husband and wife, the grave immorality of non-marital (including same-sex) sexual acts, or the disorder of sexual desires not ordered to conjugal union.So why did the media explode with news about an “earthquake” in the Church’s teachings of sex and marriage?Any doctrine or teaching that is codified by the Church is considered so essential to the Faith that its denial will lead to dire consequences as all Catholic doctrines work together like a tapestry - to rip one out is to implicitly deny the others on some level.

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