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A half hour later I noticed my husband standing in the doorway. These guys didn't know that, they thought I was available. " "Honey, things have changed since we were single.

He already had an erection, and I was pretty hot, too. " "Sure." "You do look wonderful, but you look like you're going out with your husband." "Uh, I guess that's an old habit, but I do like this dress! I remembered what Tom told me about the woman he danced with, so during slow dances I managed to miss his lead a few times, and that caused - surprise - a little accidental pelvis bumping. I can't wait to get you home." He started the engine. I didn't know if I should go with him, or even if I wanted to, without talking to you a lot about it, first. "Not much could happen here, maybe some kissing and making out, that's all, and that would be all right." "Are you crazy? " "Not enough." I said "Let me show you." I lifted up the center armrest, and had Tom recline his seat a bit, and tilt the steering wheel up. "Would you want your wife to be in someone else's arms, like this? Maybe, if he was nice..." "Oh, he'd be nice," Tom interrupted as I took his hand from my left breast, and moved it to the neckline of my dress. I guided his hand to the buttons, opened the first couple. I'd want you to, but I thought you'd get mad." Tom never had trouble with my dresses, but he fumbled now. He was silent, eyes closed, but his hand moved over my breast.

If felt very strange, feeling him through the thin fabric of my dress. You had that guy so turned on I think he had to go to the men's room to masturbate. I turned to face Tom, and said "He didn't ask me for a date, but he did ask me to get some air with him, in his car." Tom put the car back in park. "This could have happened." I pulled him across the seat, kissed him, tongue all over the place. Finally, when it was opened far enough - almost to my waist, I said, "I'd want him to touch my skin..." I took his hand and slipped it under my dress. I closed my eyes, imagining it was someone else, and it was even more exciting.

" Do you really want me to let someone kiss my breasts, Tom?

" "Mmmm." "When we were dating, I remember you doing something else. " I took his hand and moved it down, across my lap, up my leg over my dress to my knee, and then down until it was touching my skin on my calf, midway between my knee and ankle.

I like everything about my husband and being married to him. A couple of weeks later we made another date for a Friday night dinner in town, with the meeting place set for the Sheraton hotel. I saw Tom watching, and that made me both a little more comfortable, and flirtatious. A couple of hours went by, he came up to me, and asked me to dance, too. But she didn't back away, either, She liked to grind against me." We got home, and got to bed. I feel insecure, and I don't like this game." He was apologetic. If we ever go there again I promise to just watch, OK?

I thought Tom was late, until he appeared from the back of the bar. But it's kind of exciting watching you talk to guys in places like this, I guess maybe I'm a bit of a voyeur." "Well, that's different." I was happy that it wasn't a trust thing after all. On the other hand I've been married to you all of my life, and I think just having someone pay that kind of 'are you single' attention to me would be fun - not that I don't want to be married, or anything." "Uh, you'd like that? It looked like most everyone stayed at the bar, and guys approached women, talked to them, danced, and tried to make dates. We parted at the doorway, and I went to the bar, feeling uncertain, in strange waters, a bit like a lamb being lead to the slaughter. We did, and used that as an excuse to leave together, not that anyone was keeping score, or watching. "Watching you was the deal, and to be honest about it, that was the best part. " "Well, just so long as you kept that thing" - I grabbed at his cock - "in your pants until you get home." He then used that thing the way I wanted him to.I pulled out a pretty silk dark print dress that buttoned all the way down the front, a matching half slip, panty hose, and a pretty bra. Not that he was grabby, but there were casual brushes, and touches. He had his left hand on the steering wheel, so it was holding me up, and his right was around my waist. This would probably happen." I pulled him toward me, lifted up to meet him, and we kissed again. I'd like that, I want you to do that." I knew he was getting really excited. "I'd want to do this, too," I said, and took the hand he had on my waist, brought it to my lips, kissed it, brought a finger into my mouth, and kissed and sucked on it a bit, too. Tom said "Oh yeah, That would drive him crazy." "You may think I'm awful, honey, but then I'd do this." I took that hand, and moved it from my mouth, along my cheek, and neck, to my breast. "The only reason for not wearing a bra is so he could touch me like that," I told Tom. " I was really letting my imagination run wild, feeling sexy, and pretending Tom was someone else.Tom got out a casual outfit - camel hair jacket, chinos, white opened collar shirt. " "Barbara, you look great." He took me in his arms, kissed me. He wasn't bashful about letting me feel that he had an erection, either. " "He said he was going to leave just after I did, so I can't go back to him. I told him I didn't know him well enough to get in his car with him. That way he said I'd be in control." "Stop, you're going to make me come without touching me! But this is a small car." We came in our bench seat old fogie Olds. He'd know that would be the only reason for me bringing him here. " "That would be all right with me, too." "Oh, it would? " I turned my back to him, got my feet on the seat near the door, knees up, and leaned backwards, into his arms. "Oh, oh, there's more room here than I thought," he said. More like teenagers than a 30 something married couple. After a few more minutes."I'd have to tell him I liked that." His cock wasn't working any more that night, but his fingers and mouth were. The next morning we spent in bed, cuddling, talking. " I told him I thought it was pretty exciting, just with him pretending to be a stranger. It rode high on my waist on one side, low on my hip on the other, with the ends hanging free a few inches down my hip. Afterwards - at least I thought it was afterwards - I told him how much I liked it, but that I thought it should be worn more as a belt on a simple dress. And Barbara, it will be OK if I'm not the only guy who sees you wearing it." That lead to another sexy session. " "Tom, this is a dangerous game, but I admit I like it too, but, uh, what if? "Anything you do is sure OK with me." My grad students didn't have my full attention that day. When I finished drying after being in the shower, Tom knelt in front of me, looped the chain around my waist, pulled me close and nuzzled into my pubic mound. "Honey, put a little perfume on your neck, too." I did. If we were playing strip poker, I couldn't lose too many hands. "Tom, if tonight starts off like last week did, you may have to wait a while if I'm having fun. 2, not a word along 128, we were each lost in our thoughts."Did you mind that guy seeing you going down on me? "At this moment, yes." For the first time in years, we had intercourse every night that week. I often wear a thin gold necklace with a single diamond pendent. On Friday morning, at breakfast, I asked "Are you sure you want to go back to the Marriott tonight? "Everything else can go, but only I get to take this off, OK? The hotel is just a couple of turns from 128, and we got there too soon.****This is another exquisite story written by a talented author.

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