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“I scored once for the national team with a bicycle kick, which hit the post and went in, but this was a bit better. I think the game was amazing, we scored three goals against Juve – a great team.“I had been looking to score a goal like that for a long time but it depends on the circumstances of the match. We played nice and of course I am happy I helped the team, I scored two goals.

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But that pressure, that onus, seemed to mess with their heads.

They spent the rest of the first half playing with so much haste that they made mistakes you would never expect.

This is not what they filed in here for tonight, but how often do you see the second-greatest player of the modern era do something that only he in the world could do?

This was Ronaldo’s 23rd goal in his last 12 games – astonishing enough in itself – but even among the hundreds he has scored in his unique career, this will be remembered among the very best.

Every time they got near the edge of the Madrid area, otherwise accomplished players – Gonzalo Higuain, Paulo Dybala, Douglas Costa – would miscue and the attack would break down.

Chiellini, usually the king of both boxes, misjudged a free header from a corner and Dybala, at the end of the first half, was booked for a ludicrous dive.

So he drove a cross to the near post, where Ronaldo darted towards the ball and turned it past Buffon.

Juventus’ plans had been shredded and they had to raise their game.

All night he lacked the cool execution of a true top player.

And when Juventus came close to scoring, there were Real Madrid players ready to throw themselves in their way.

But here they carelessly forgot everything that made them so good.

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