Rodney dangerfield dating quotes

But, however embarrassingly, almost all contain at least a grain of truth about them. And , do go ahead and have a good (non-judgmental) laugh over the foolishness and folly that so many of them encapsulate.

Some are quite wise, some almost hilariously paradoxical, and others (I think) simply hilarious. One last note: I purposely saved all my Woody Allen quotes for the very end.

After all, what could be healthier than light-heartedly chuckling over our abiding impulses, susceptibilities, and weaknesses.

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Even when predominantly in the service of lust, it's still a form of pleasure, of play.

As such, it's both a welcome and necessary diversion from our everyday chores and obligations.

As in my love quotes piece earlier, you'll probably find many of them somewhat cynical.

And certainly they tend toward the outspoken, irreverent, and at times outrageous.

This post is meant to complement my earlier one commemorating Valentine's Day. To me, our culture takes the crucial matter of sex much too seriously.

Here I attempt to achieve the same thing with the always controversial, ever-intriguing subject of sex.I went steady with a woodpecker till I was twenty-one" ~ Bob Hope "I know nothing about sex, because I was always married." ~ Zsa Zsa Gabor "Anticipation makes the hard-on longer." ~ Itsby Stevintary "The difference between light and hard is that you can sleep with a light on." ~ Anon "A promiscuous person is a person who is getting more sex than you are." ~ Victor Lownes "A nymphomaniac is someone who has more sex than you do." ~ Alfred Kinsey "Nymphomaniac: a woman as obsessed with sex as an average man." ~ Mignon Mc Laughlin "A student undergoing a word-association test was asked why a snowstorm put him in mind of sex.He replied frankly: 'because everything does.'" ~ Honor Tracy "Sex. In other parts of the world a fact." ~ Marlene Dietrich "Men are those creatures with two legs and eight hands." ~ Jayne Mansfield "Chastity: The most unnatural of the sexual perversions." ~ Aldous Huxley "Don't worry, it only seems kinky the first time. Perverted is using the whole chicken." ~ Anon "I'm all for bringing back the birch, but only between consenting adults." ~ Gore Vidal "There is nothing wrong with going to bed with someone of your own sex.So as you chuckle (while perhaps simultaneously shaking your head), do consider what each quip might possibly say about you . Regarding him as the veritable master of witty one-liners on sex, I thought it fitting to give him the closing say--to allow his unusually clever jests to represent, well, the final climax.Okay, on with the quotes: "A dirty book is rarely dusty." ~ Anon. and Most Cynical," it presented what I thought were the most entertaining-- thought-provoking--quotes available on the topic.

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