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But Thrivent Financial analyst David Heupel says the report sheds light on why Mc Guire is stepping down, given his apparent knowledge of the options back-dating."It seems as though it was completely determinate by him; he had complete and total control over the when and the amounts of these awards, which is very counter to how a company should work," Heupel says.Choosing a date back when the share price was lower makes the option more profitable if the company's share price rises.

Thrivent analyst David Heupel says Mc Guire's departure could get United Health's stock performance back on track.

And he doubts Mc Guire's departure will unglue the company.

Hatch says Mc Guire's departure doesn't do a thing to change the course of his investigation.

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Grants to new hires and people receiving promotions were backdated as a matter of policy.

Despite Mc Guire's contention that grant dates were chosen without benefit of hindsight, the report says "facts run contrary to this assertion." A company spokesman would not comment on any aspect of the findings, instead deferring to the report and a press release.

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On December 6, 2007, United Health Group announced (here) that its Special Litigation Committee had concluded its review of claims relating to the company’s option backdating practices that had been brought against certain of the company’s directors and officers.

these amounts, combined with a previous repricing of all stock options awarded to Dr.

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