Sephiroth refuses to aid Genesis and in the aftermath of the Nibelheim Incident, Sephiroth's apparent death in the Mako pit below the Mako Reactor on Mt.

Nibel leaves Genesis without a cure for his degradation once again.


There is no known cure for this condition, but Genesis Rhapsodos believes his degradation can be halted with the Gift of the Goddess.

A person suffering from degradation appears to age; the sufferer's hair first turns silver, then white.

According to the Crisis Core Complete Guide, degradation stems from the ability to create copies of oneself; this is an ability that comes from Jenova's powers, which allow her to convert her targets into monsters by implanting their bodies with a virus that she generates inside her body.

As Jenova's cells are not fixed in their bodies, the specimens produced via Project G succumb to degradation as time passes.

It is thought that degradation eventually leads to death.

Degradation has only been observed in specimens produced through Project G, a part of the Jenova Project led by Dr.

Outside Midgar, a Genesis Copy eats a lock of Zack's hair after Genesis corners him.

Instead of halting the Genesis Copy's degradation, the S Cells in Zack's hair transform it into a monster.

As a "failed" experiment, Genesis cannot absorb others' traits; this causes his body to slowly degrade over time.

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