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Retrieved February 10, Zac don't listen to the other girls that say you made a big mistake! Ok first off i love you Zac but i don't think you made a good choice. I really dont like you guys vanessa and zac nikki youre my idol i freakn love you nikki blonsky dating homo.

Retrieved March 23, Dear Nikki Blonsky Aug06,12 I'm big fan how are you doing today.

Read More by courtney gowland 23rd Apr Zac Efron is such a hottie.

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At one point, she even danced on The Chairman’s desk mid-ring, an event which ultimately earned her the title of “executive assistant.” Throughout her career, Keibler has helped manage many wrestlers including the Dudley Boyz, Standards and Practices, David Flair, Shawn Stasiak, and a handful of others.

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Her first single, "On a High", a cover of one of Sheik's songs, was featured in Blonsky's Lifetime Original Movie Queen Sized. I really dont like you guys vanessa and zac nikki youre my idol i freakn love you no homo. Zac and Nikki now this is a match he finally got himself a REAL woman who knows she has ah beautiful body without posting it. 2 August Zac Efron has reportedly dumped Vanessa Hudgens in favour of his latest co star Niiki High School Musical heart throb had been dating his. Read More Lola 08th Apr There are some rumors of her being engaged as well but it is not confirmed.

April Learn how and when to remove this template message. The names of her parents are Carl Blonsky and Karen Blonsky and they must be very proud of her.

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